Ingrid Brink - Watercolor ArtistIngrid Brink has the good fortune of living in two of the world’s most beautiful places: Baywood Park close to the “Back Bay” and the Big Island of Hawaii. For nearly forty years she and her husband lived in Trinidad, on the California Northcoast, with its rugged coastline, giant redwoods and marshlands. Making new friends, paddling the bay, and exploring the coastline have made the transition to the Central Coast rich with beauty, culture and people--perfect for art and life.

Ingrid attended Humboldt State University as an art major with an emphasis in ceramics and jewelry. After graduation her training switched from the college indoor environment to “on location” watercolor workshops. The experience of painting outside for hours, getting to know the sounds, smells, temperature and color changes, quickly became an obsession.  She studied under such notable watercolorists as Milford Zornes, Dong Kingman, Katherine Chang Liu and Edward Reep.   Her paintings were accepted in many National competitions and she began teaching watercolor classes at the college level.

In 1988, Ingrid Brink was unanimously accepted as a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society (one of approx... 600 in the U.S.). The following year she was awarded a grant from the California Arts council as an Artist in Residence to work in two elementary schools. Nine grants later, with unwavering support from parents and schools, her residency turned into a 23-year career.

Ingrid says “ As a teacher and artist knew I was successful when I would hear: ‘You’ve changed the way I see.’ Nature expands the way I see everyday. The colors and textures of the land, sea and sky, of this paradise, “wow” me everyday and inspire me to paint!”

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